Thank you for being here. For seeing me. For your curiosity leading you here.

I'm Karla Palomino, an embodiment guide and facilitator. I am a queer Chicana multimedia artist, witch, ritualistic dance performer, and event producer born and raised in California. 

I am devoted to restorative healing practices; soulcrafting, psychosomatic intuitive movement, nature-based rewilding, sacred sexuality, and intimacy arts.

My passion towards these practices has lead me to study Holistic Nutrition, Traditional Tantra & Hatha yoga, contemporary Tantra, earth-centric embodiment, intuitive dance, and the feminine mysteries. 

I didn't grow up with the tools I have today. Like many of us, my life has been heavily influenced by the Western paradigm. My journey from disassociation towards embodied integration has consisted of many dark nights of the soul that have led to me to continuously face my unconscious and dance with the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. The full spectrum of life consists of everything from the mundane, grief, challenges, playfulness, beauty, bliss and everything in between. My personal shift has been in my focus, instead of trying to escape the inner and outer darkness, I’ve committed to learning how to honor and move with its wisdom. My medicine and resilience emerges from my deepest wounds. Everything I face in life shapes my soul. It’s not about bypassing the truth of what I experience on my journey, it’s about learning to be with all of it to weave the magic of my inner world with my outer world, to investigate the archetypal landscape, welcome in the mythical, be led by source, while cultivating reverence for my life and being of service.